Review Revue: Thatcher on Acid – Curdled

Thatcher on Acid - Curdled

The Internet doesn’t seem to know a whole lot about Somerset anarcho-punks Thatcher on Acid. (Can you think of a band name that more specifically places a band in time, place, and genre? I sure can’t.) One thing I appreciate about this gig is that these posts often serve as a way to add to the knowledge base of obscure bands of yore, but I’m afraid this particular installment is light on actual information. What it does serve up is a nice bit of snarky in-fighting and some barbed joshing about local heroes Young Fresh Fellows. (Which led me to realize I have somehow not covered a Young Fresh Fellows record in my decade on this beat. For shame! Next stop: The local section.)

What the Internet has provided, however, is a full stream of the album in question, which seems to be a very fine slice of angry political commentary in response to a terrifying, heartless right-wing government – something we could use more of these days, I think.

“Yea, remember these guys well. Here’s an LP and a concept one at that. Some good rockin workouts some reggae ala clash and folky sort of stuff. Good presentation here that takes a look at the social situation in the U.K.”

“A good record that could grow legs. M.”

“Don’t play the red dot but you can play the yellow dots after 10pm w/out disclaiming. I like this record.”

“Yes, grow legs & kick those listless ‘Fellows’ out of H, where this belongs.”

“Don’t be narrow damn it.”

“Asking Mark not to be narrow is like asking a giraffe to have a short neck . . .”

“Cut the vicious insults Gooch. He didn’t insult you this time.”

“Yessir, Mr. Referee. Sorry sir.”

“I bet the band members are [stewing in their Irish homes? Sorry, I can’t quite decipher this comment] over the fact that dear Maggie is about to get another term. Can’t say that I am too happy about it. This disc would do very well in H.”

“Oh Marsh, you’re just a ‘Young Fresh Fellow.'”

“Thank you, sir Kaiser. As for Dave, he obviously does not know a joke when he sees one.”

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