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NW Music Spotlight – The Thermals!

Kathy Foster of The Thermals, courtesy of Aurora “This Portland band adds a strong political edge while beefing up the production on their 3rd album of punkish high-octane pop, with many of the songs featuring lead singer Hutch Harris venting against the convergence of Christian fundamentalism and political totalitarianism.” – Don Yates The Body, TheRead more…

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NW Music Spotlight – Skerik!

Skerik, courtesy of Hyena Records “The Syncopated Taint Septet is saxophonist Skerik’s playful and at times daring band. Most of the group arose from the Seattle experimental jazz scene. On Husky, the septet is spacey, funky and occasionally as mellow as a soul jazz ensemble. ‘Syncopate the Taint’ has the swinging cacophony of Sun Ra’sRead more…

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NW Music Spotlight – The Village Green!

At the Capitol Hill Block Party 2006, courtesy of The Village Green “This Portland band follows up their fine debut EP with an excellent full-length of ‘60s-influenced tunes combining garage-rock rawness and energy with classic psychedelic pop songcraft.” – Don Yates Feeling the Fall is due out August 29. Download a song from the newRead more…

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NW Music Spotlight – Panda & Angel!

Photo courtesy of Panda & Angel “The strongest points for Panda & Angel lie in the melodies they construct over the tumult. ‘Ohio December 24th’ demonstrates that fully with a flourishing musicality of strings, guitar, chimes and other knick-knacks.” – Erik Gonzalez, read more at Three Imaginary Girls Download a couple songs from Panda andRead more…

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Northwest Music Spotlight – Fleet Foxes!

Fleet Foxes at Neumos, courtesy of cerealandmilk “Their delightful, pop-styled songs sounded tight but not rigid and got the crowd swaying along straightaway. With bell-toned guitars, bright keyboards, and a dash of shimmer round the edges, the Fleet Foxes craft deliciously melody-driven songs that are intensely charming. Lyrics reference textbooks, classrooms, and Romeos on bicycles,Read more…

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NW Spotlight – Pretty Girls Make Graves!

Pretty Girls Make Graves, courtesy of Tim Broddin “Élan Vital shows how much Pretty Girls Make Graves has grown as a band. They are now beginning to expand their sound out of the dirty, punk rock roots that they were spawned.” – Erik Gonzalez, Three Imaginary Girls (read more). Listen to a full stream ofRead more…

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NW Music Spotlight – Boat

Photo courtesy of Boat “Recorded in basements/living rooms and one very structurally questionable warehouse in Seattle, Songs That You Might Not Like has something for everyone. It has clapping/snapping/whistling/guitar solos/saxophone sounding accordians/bleeping keyboards/distorted piano/oohs/la la’s/shouting/singing/even some broken theremin sounds. These songs are guaranteed to get stuck in your head and make you feel cooler thanRead more…

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NW Music Spotlight – Downpilot!

Paul Hiraga of Downpilot, courtesy of Downpilot “Downpilot’s debut album Leaving Not Arriving may have been praised mainly in americana circles, but Paul Hiraga’s roots actually lie completly elsewhere. A trained pianist and avid Talk Talk fan, you could sense this listening to Downpilot’s ethereal debut album. After some lineup changes Downpilot were down toRead more…

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NW Music Spotlight – Four Easy Pieces!

Photo courtesy of Four Easy Pieces “Debut release from this local band is a rockin mix of 70’s/80’s punk influenced adrenaline.” – John Richards Listen to some song from Four Easy Pieces… Maggie the Cat from Birth of the Uncool – (MP3) Rock Me from Birth of the Uncool – (MP3) Workin’ for a LivingRead more…

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NW Music Spotlight – Unnatural Helpers

Photo courtesy of Unnatural Helpers “Unnatural Helpers are one of my picks for new bands to watch in 2006. They’re a supergroup of local underground heavies, as their members have played with the Dipers, the Tight Bros, and the Pulses, which makes their lineage thicker than bongwater and a lot more fun to ingest. ‘Gettin’Read more…

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