Review Revue: The Frenz Experiment and I Am Kurious Oranj

The Fall - The Frenz Experiment

Welcome to Review Revue, where every Thursday I dig through the KEXP stacks to share DJ reviews and comments written on the covers of LPs (and occasionally CDs) in the ’80s and ’90s, when the station was called KCMU, the DJs were volunteers, and people shared their opinions on little white labels instead of the internet.

By now you’ve doubtless already heard the incredibly sad news of Mark E. Smith’s passing. As I type this, seven hours have passed since I heard the news, and I’m sure thousands of people more knowledgeable than I have already penned heartfelt tributes to the man. I don’t by any means consider myself to have anything of substance to add to the conversation, but fortunately, my own words aren’t what this series is about, and the KCMU DJs of yore have written many, many words about the Fall over the years. So with that said, I will hand it over to the KCMU DJs of thirty years ago — with a special tip of the cap to Damon Creed, who was a super-commenter back then and continues to chime in here on the blog from time to time (including the posts I wrote about the CD and LP of Extricate), and might well be the biggest Fall fan in Seattle.

The Frenz Experiment:

“A Fall LP, and it’s new material. This one may convince you to join the legion of Fall fans again, as again they press forward, move sideways, and even glance backward. ‘Hit the North’ is an interesting move, and you pop fans may enjoy ‘Steak Place.’ Longtime Fall fans may appreciate ‘Carry Bag Man’ or ‘Oswald Defence Lawyer.’ If you’re a fan but never liked Brix this one won’t change your mind. Regardless, she adds an element that complements Mark E. Smith’s crankiness.”


“Horrid cover of ‘Victoria’ (too vocal)”

“‘Oswald Defence Lawyer’ is great.”

“The Fall are now the rulers of my world. Import CD has 5 xtra trax. Cassette has 4 xtra trax. Import LP has free single. Marketing balls out.”

‘The riff on ‘Owald Defense Lawyer’ is lifted from Lennon’s version of ‘Be My Baby,’ or at least coincidentally similar.”

“Bremen God Damn Nacht”


“Carry Bagman!”

“‘Fat assed workman I scurry around. I am a carry bag man’ And they’re coming to town!!! Yeahh”

21 May ’88 Moore Theatre they confirmed their greatness.”

The Fall - I Am Kurious Oranj

I Am Kurious Oranj:

“For those of you whom enjoyed last year’s effort will be happy with this one as well. What’s with the burger anyway?” [What burger?]

“In fine form, as always. [Arrow pointing to the burger question] It’s the Kidd Valley ad, Maggi!”


“Not a great Fall album but still, a Fall album.”

“Yeah, yeah, yeah! I bought this immediately.”

“‘Dog Is Life,’ the intro to ‘Jerusalem,’ is a red dot but you can segue between the talking and the drums that start Jerusalem. It’s kind of ambient/industrial sounding. The portion you segue in, that is.”

“For an album that’s good, but certainly not great, this has  been in H an awful long time. Is it merely because they’re the Fall?”

“More because there wasn’t much else to play in U for a while.”

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